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040 _aAUMBL
020 _a9781444830699
_qhardback (large print)
020 _a1444830694
035 _a(OCoLC)960287291
100 1 _aJacobs, Anna,
245 1 0 _aPeppercorn Street
_h[text (large print)] /
_cAnna Jacobs.
250 _aFirst Charnwood large print edition
264 1 _aLeicester :
_bCharnwood imprint published by Thorpe,
264 4 _c©2014
300 _a398 pages (large print) ;
_c24 cm.
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
340 _nlarge print
490 1 _aPeppercorn series
500 _aComplete and unabridged.
520 _aJaney is 18 and all alone apart from her baby daughter. Disowned by her family she is forced to move into a small flat on Peppercorn Street and learn to survive by herself. Just as her new life starts to show promise, events from her past catch up with her. Nicole is renting one of the new luxury flats on the street. She's just walked away from her husband and teenage sons, suspecting her husband of having an affair and tired of being taken for granted. Winifred has lived in her huge family home at the top of the street for over eighty years but feels completely lost. All her friends have died and her nephew is trying to persuade her to go into a retirement home. But she doesn't want to leave. A chance meeting between all three women sparks up a beautiful friendship that will change their lives forever. However, things are not what they seem in any of their lives and they each find themselves tested by their individual troubles. Set in the stunning Wilshire countryside, Peppercorn Street is just that sort of place where long-term residents and newcomers, rich and poor, old and young, come together as a neighbourhood.
651 0 _aWiltshire (England)
655 0 _aLarge type books.
655 7 _aDomestic fiction.
800 1 0 _aJacobs, Anna.
_tPeppercorn ;
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