Book Chat RSS feed for public list Book Chat A bit of a stretch : by Atkins, Chris, A memory called Empire / by Martine, Arkady, A winter book : by Jansson, Tove. Agent Zigzag : by Macintyre, Ben, All Blacks don't cry : by Kirwan, John, America city / by Beckett, Chris, Autumn / by Smith, Ali, Before the storm / by Chamberlain, Diane, Bridge of clay / by Zusak, Markus, Far as the eye can see : by Bausch, Robert, Firefly / by Porter, Henry, Grown ups / by Keyes, Marian, In the fall they come back : by Bausch, Robert, Lantern bearers / by Sutcliff, Rosemary. Lockdown / by Heath, Jack, Maisie Dobbs : by Winspear, Jacqueline, Not dark yet / by Robinson, Peter, One million minutes : by Küper, Wolf, Pachinko / by Lee, Min Jin, Pandaemonium / by Brookmyre, Christopher, Priestdaddy / by Lockwood, Patricia, Redhead by the side of the road / by Tyler, Anne, Sophie's legacy : by Elliott, Lesley, State of wonder / by Patchett, Ann. The 10 pm question / by De Goldi, Kate, The 52 week project : by Keenan, Lauren, The back of the painting : by Waters, Linda The beekeeper of Aleppo / by Lefteri, Christy, The city we became / by Jemisin, N. K., The crocodile hunter / by Seymour, Gerald, The Dutch house / by Patchett, Ann, The last days of Rabbit Hayes / by McPartlin, Anna, The last thing he told me / by Dave, Laura, The last time we spoke/ by Sussman, Fiona, The last train to London : by Clayton, Meg Waite, The lost man / by Harper, Jane The Mikhail Lermontov enigma : by Guerin, Michael, The murder game / by Abbott, Rachel, The Paris library / by Skeslien Charles, Janet, The pōrangi boy / by Kino, Shilo, The prison book club / by Walmsley, Ann, The pupil / by Fraser, Caro, The quick and the dead : by Temple-Camp, Cynric, The rose code / by Quinn, Kate, The seven sisters : by Riley, Lucinda, The silkworm / by Galbraith, Robert, The sound of her voice / by Blackwell, Nathan, The sparrow / by Russell, Mary Doria, The true queen / by Cho, Zen, This is happiness / by Williams, Niall, To be fair : by Riddell, Rosemary, White chrysanthemum / by Bracht, Mary Lynn, Woman in the wilderness : by Lancewood, Miriam,