Christian Fiction RSS feed for public list Christian Fiction The westward Christmas brides collection : From Italy with love : An Amish home : An Amish summer : Inspirational romance reader : Schoolhouse brides : Any man of mine by Aarsen, Carolyn. It's all about us / by Adina, Shelley. For such a time as this : by Aiken, Ginny. Remember me when : by Aiken, Ginny. She shall be praised / by Aiken, Ginny. Messiah : by Alec, Wendy. The fall of Lucifer / by Alec, Wendy. Son of Perdition / by Alec, Wendy. Dandelion moon / by Alexander, Hannah, Second opinion by Alexander, Hannah, Necessary measures / by Alexander, Hannah, Urgent care / by Alexander, Hannah, When love arrives by Alexander, Johnnie, Christmas at Carnton by Alexander, Tamera, To win her favor / by Alexander, Tamera, A note yet unsung : by Alexander, Tamera, A lasting impression / by Alexander, Tamera. From a distance / by Alexander, Tamera. Beyond this moment / by Alexander, Tamera. The inheritance / by Alexander, Tamera. Within my heart / by Alexander, Tamera. Fire by night / by Austin, Lynn N. All things new / by Austin, Lynn N. A light to my path / by Austin, Lynn N. A proper pursuit / by Austin, Lynn N. Waves of mercy / by Austin, Lynn N., Candle in the darkness / by Austin, Lynn. Far from here : by Baart, Nicole. Rebecca's bouquet / by Baker, Lisa Jones, Rachel's dream / by Baker, Lisa Jones, The last con / by Bartels, Zachary, Land run brides : by Barton, Janet Lee, Darling Cassidy by Bateman, Tracey Victoria. Dearest Dorothy, help! I've lost myself! / by Baumbich, Charlene Ann, Home on Huckleberry Hill / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, A courtship on Huckleberry Hill / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, Sweet as honey / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, A bee in her bonnet / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, Like a bee to honey / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, Return to Huckleberry Hill / by Beckstrand, Jennifer, Kate's song / by Beckstrand, Jennifer. His other wife / by Bedford, Deborah. Try dying : by Bell, James Scott. A certain truth / by Bell, James Scott. A flight of arrows by Benton, Lori, Many sparrows by Benton, Lori, Calm, cool, and adjusted / by Billerbeck, Kristin. Miracles by Blackstock, Terri, River's edge / by Blackstock, Terri, Breaker's Reef by Blackstock, Terri, Love finds you in Bethlehem, New Hampshire / by Bliss, Lauralee. Where the deer and the antelope play / by Bly, Stephen A., Portrait of a sister / by Bradford, Laura, Silence in the dark by Bradley, Patricia Justice delayed by Bradley, Patricia Justice buried by Bradley, Patricia, The art of arranging flowers / by Branard, Lynne, Love at last by Brand, Irene B., A song for Issy Bradley / by Bray, Carys. Love finds you in Holiday, Florida / by Bricker, Sandra D., Love finds you in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California / by Bricker, Sandra D., The sister circle by Bright, Vonette Z. Thief of glory by Brouwer, Sigmund, A lady like Sarah : by Brownley, Margaret. A sister's hope / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. A sister's test / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. A sister's secret / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. The quilter's daughter / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. The bishop's daughter / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. Kelly's chance / by Brunstetter, Wanda E. The seekers by Brunstetter, Wanda E., The celebration by Brunstetter, Wanda E., The blessing by Brunstetter, Wanda E., Gold of kings / by Bunn, T. Davis, Miramar Bay / by Bunn, T. Davis, Firefly Cove / by Bunn, T. Davis, The Black Madonna by Bunn, T. Davis, Prayers of a stranger : by Bunn, T. Davis, The domino effect / by Bunn, T. Davis, The pilgrim's progress / by Bunyan, John, Someone like you / by Bylin, Victoria, The two of us by Bylin, Victoria, Bride of a distant isle by Byrd, Sandra, Pièce de résistance : by Byrd, Sandra. Let them eat cake : by Byrd, Sandra. Roses have thorns : by Byrd, Sandra. The secret keeper : by Byrd, Sandra. To die for : by Byrd, Sandra. At Bluebonnet Lake / by Cabot, Amanda, The rose of Winslow Street : by Camden, Elizabeth, Against the tide : by Camden, Elizabeth, Crossroads by Cameron, Barbara, The feathered bone / by Cantrell, Julie, The duchess and the dragon : by Carie, Jamie. The snowflake : by Carie, Jamie. River's end / by Carlson, Melody, Face the music : by Carlson, Melody. Road trip : by Carlson, Melody. Sold out : by Carlson, Melody. Deadly gypsy blue by Carlton, Bea. While mortals sleep / by Cavanaugh, Jack, His watchful eye / by Cavanaugh, Jack, One Sunday / by Cecil, Carrie Gerlach. Today's embrace : by Chaikin, L. L., Desert Rose. by Chaikin, L. L., Tomorrow's treasure / by Chaikin, Linda Lee. Murder tightly knit / by Chapman, Vannetta, Murder freshly baked / by Chapman, Vannetta, Deep shadows / by Chapman, Vannetta, Sarah's orphans by Chapman, Vannetta, Light of dawn by Chapman, Vannetta, The lost years / by Clark, Mary Higgins. The lost years / by Clark, Mary Higgins. A hopeful heart / by Clipston, Amy, Because you're mine / by Coble, Colleen, Desolation highway by Coggins, James Robert, The homestead brides collection : by Connealy, Mary Montana marriages trilogy / by Connealy, Mary. A case of nosy neighbors by Copeland, Lori. Love finds you in Charm, Ohio by Daughety, Annalisa. The priority unit by Davis, Susan Page, Found art by Davis, Susan Page, The Miracle Girls : by Dayton, Anne. Henry, from a church mousehole / by De Roo, Anne, Henry does God eat pumpkins? : by De Roo, Anne, The boneman's daughters / by Dekker, Ted, White river brides : by Devine, Frances, Bye bye Bertie by Dewhurst, Rick. Concessions / by DiGiovanni, Debbie, A family guide to Narnia : by Ditchfield, Christin. Chateau of secrets : by Dobson, Melanie Château of Secrets / by Dobson, Melanie The reluctant brides collection / by Dow, Rosey, Ekaterina / by Downs, Susan K. Marina / by Downs, Susan K. Nadia / by Downs, Susan K. Whispering Pines / by Dunn, Scarlett, Finding promise / by Dunn, Scarlett. Death of a garage sale newbie by Dunn, Sharon, The Silas diary / by Edwards, Gene, Finding love at home by Eicher, Jerry S., A stitch in crime by Elliott, Cathy, The broken road by Evans, Richard Paul, The Noel diary / by Evans, Richard Paul, The forgotten road / by Evans, Richard Paul, A winter dream / by Evans, Richard Paul. Unconditional by Everson, Eva Marie. Slow moon rising : by Everson, Eva Marie. The moon in the mango tree : by Ewen, Pamela Binnings, Not in the heart / by Fabry, Chris, The linen queen : by Falvey, Patricia. To catch the summer wind / by Fell, Doris Elaine. Love finds you in Sundance Wyoming / by Ferrell, Miralee, Love finds you in Tombstone, Arizona / by Ferrell, Miralee, Christmas at Rose Hill Farm : by Fisher, Suzanne Woods. Across the China sky : by Flinchbaugh, C. Hope. A love made new / by Fuller, Kathleen, Written in love / by Fuller, Kathleen, A reluctant bride / by Fuller, Kathleen, The promise of a letter by Fuller, Kathleen, An unbroken heart / by Fuller, Kathleen. Sister Betty says I do / by G'Orge-Walker, Pat, The outsider : by Gabhart, Ann H., Summer of joy : by Gabhart, Ann H., Small town girl by Gabhart, Ann H., Small town girl : by Gabhart, Ann H., Life after / by Ganshert, Katie, The loom : by Gillus, Shella. Fair play : by Gist, Deeanne. Amish sweethearts by Gould, Leslie, Amish weddings by Gould, Leslie, Love finds you in Lonesome Prairie, Montana / by Goyer, Tricia. Land sakes : by Graham, Margaret, Eventide / by Gray, Shelley Shepard, Ray of light / by Gray, Shelley Shepard, A son's vow / by Gray, Shelley Shepard, A son's vow by Gray, Shelley Shepard, The loyal heart : by Gray, Shelley Shepard, An Amish family Christmas by Gray, Shelley Shepard, Peace : by Gray, Shelley Shepard, Her secret by Gray, Shelley Shepard, His risk : by Gray, Shelley Shepard, Wanted / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Autumn's promise / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Winter's awakening / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Found / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Spring's renewal / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Grace : by Gray, Shelley Shepard. The caregiver / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. The survivor / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Christmas in Sugarcreek / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. The protector / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. The search / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Forgiven / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Daybreak by Gray, Shelley Shepard. Widow of Gettysburg : by Green, Jocelyn. Rhythms of grace / by Griffith, Marilynn. Flame of resistance / by Groot, Tracy, Signs and wonders by Gulley, Philip. Under a Maui moon / by Gunn, Robin Jones, Sisterchicks on the loose! by Gunn, Robin Jones, Finding Father Christmas / by Gunn, Robin Jones, Canary Island song : by Gunn, Robin Jones, Cottage by the sea : by Gunn, Robin Jones, Chance adventure by Hake, Kelly Eileen. Love finds you in Poetry, Texas / by Hanna, Janice. Love finds you in Groom, Texas / by Hanna, Janice. Trapped : by Hannon, Irene, Hope Harbor : by Hannon, Irene, Thin ice by Hannon, Irene, Against all odds / by Hannon, Irene. An eye for an eye / by Hannon, Irene. Lethal legacy : by Hannon, Irene. Fatal judgment : by Hannon, Irene. In harm's way / by Hannon, Irene. Deadly pursuit : by Hannon, Irene. Return to grace by Harper, Karen Return to grace / by Harper, Karen Dangerous passage / by Harris, Lisa, Taken by Harris, Lisa, Missing : by Harris, Lisa, Love finds you in Revenge, Ohio / by Harris, Lisa. Love without end / by Hatcher, Robin Lee, Whenever you come around by Hatcher, Robin Lee, You're gonna love me / by Hatcher, Robin Lee, The forgiving hour / by Hatcher, Robin Lee. Emma, Mr. Knightley and chili-slaw dogs by Hathaway, Mary Jane, The wedding shop / by Hauck, Rachel, The tender vine / by Heitzmann, Kristen, Sweet boundless / by Heitzmann, Kristen, The rose legacy / by Heitzmann, Kristen. Taken / by Henderson, Dee True devotion / by Henderson, Dee. True valor by Henderson, Dee. True honor by Henderson, Dee. The protector by Henderson, Dee. The healer by Henderson, Dee. The rescuer by Henderson, Dee. The truth seeker by Henderson, Dee. True courage by Henderson, Dee. The negotiator by Henderson, Dee. Full disclosure / by Henderson, Dee. The guardian by Henderson, Dee. Relentless pursuit / by Herman, Kathy. Fair is the rose / by Higgs, Liz Curtis, Whence came a prince / by Higgs, Liz Curtis, Thorn in my heart / by Higgs, Liz Curtis. Mixed signals / by Higgs, Liz Curtis. Love finds you in Humble, Texas / by Higman, Anita. Waking Lazarus / by Hines, T. L. Song of the silent harp / by Hoff, B. J., Rachel's secret / by Hoff, B. J., River of mercy / by Hoff, B. J., Where grace abides / by Hoff, B. J., Harvest of blessings / by Hubbard, Charlotte, Breath of spring / by Hubbard, Charlotte, Breath of spring : by Hubbard, Charlotte, Weddings at Promise Lodge / by Hubbard, Charlotte, A mother's love / by Hubbard, Charlotte, The Emerald Isle / by Hunt, Angela Elwell, The fine art of insincerity / by Hunt, Angela Elwell, The silver sword / by Hunt, Angela Elwell, The golden cross : by Hunt, Angela Elwell, The offering : by Hunt, Angela Elwell, Jamestown / by Hunt, Angela Elwell, Blue Ridge sunrise by Hunter, Denise, Upon a spring breeze / by Irvin, Kelly Can't help falling by Isaac, Kara, The yada yada prayer group gets down : by Jackson, Neta. Cover girls by Jakes, T. D. The bishop : by James, Steven, The knight / by James, Steven, Two suitors for Anna / by Jebber, Molly. Honor redeemed by Johnson, Christine To a distant land / by Jones, Julianne, The girl from the train / by Joubert, Irma Light from heaven / by Karon, Jan, To be where you are / by Karon, Jan, Home to Holly Springs : by Karon, Jan, Out to Canaan / by Karon, Jan, These high, green hills / by Karon, Jan, A new song / by Karon, Jan, In the company of others : by Karon, Jan, Somewhere safe with somebody good. by Karon, Jan, A light in the window / by Karon, Jan, Come rain or come shine : by Karon, Jan, At home in Mitford / by Karon, Jan, Julia's hope / by Kelly, Leisha. Beowulf : by Kendig, Ronie. The Happy Hour choir / by Kilpatrick, Sally, Bless her heart / by Kilpatrick, Sally, Coming home : by Kingsbury, Karen S., Learning / by Kingsbury, Karen, Longing / by Kingsbury, Karen, Fame / by Kingsbury, Karen, To the moon and back : by Kingsbury, Karen, Forgiven / by Kingsbury, Karen, Unlocked / by Kingsbury, Karen, Ever after / by Kingsbury, Karen. Forever / by Kingsbury, Karen. Family / by Kingsbury, Karen. Found / by Kingsbury, Karen. Oceans apart / by Kingsbury, Karen. Just beyond the clouds : by Kingsbury, Karen. Take two / by Kingsbury, Karen. Shades of blue / by Kingsbury, Karen. Take four / by Kingsbury, Karen. One Tuesday morning / by Kingsbury, Karen. Someday / by Kingsbury, Karen. Sunset / by Kingsbury, Karen. Loving / by Kingsbury, Karen. Beyond Tuesday morning / by Kingsbury, Karen. Like dandelion dust / by Kingsbury, Karen. Leaving / by Kingsbury, Karen. Rejoice / by Kingsbury, Karen. Take one / by Kingsbury, Karen. Take three / by Kingsbury, Karen. Even now / by Kingsbury, Karen. Divine : by Kingsbury, Karen. Reunion / by Kingsbury, Karen. Hannah's hope : by Kingsbury, Karen. Between Sundays / by Kingsbury, Karen. Remember Tuesday morning / by Kingsbury, Karen. Fame by Kingsbury, Karen. Redemption / by Kingsbury, Karen. Return / by Kingsbury, Karen. Fifteen minutes : by Kingsbury, Karen. A thousand tomorrows / by Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking / by Kingsbury, Karen. Summer / by Kingsbury, Karen. In this moment : by Kingsbury, Karen. What once we loved : by Kirkpatrick, Jane, Lady maybe / by Klassen, Julie, A time for everything / by Knausgård, Karl Ove, The dog that whispered : by Kraus, Jim, A stranger at Fellsworth / by Ladd, Sarah E., Times and seasons by LaHaye, Beverly. Armageddon : by LaHaye, Tim, The regime : by LaHaye, Tim, The rapture : by LaHaye, Tim, The mark : by LaHaye, Tim, Luke's story : by LaHaye, Tim, Always Grace / by LaHaye, Tim, Left behind : by LaHaye, Tim, Thunder of heaven / by LaHaye, Tim, Edge of Apocalypse / by LaHaye, Tim, The remnant / by LaHaye, Tim, Brink of chaos / by LaHaye, Tim, The well : by Landsem, Stephanie, Hazel Creek : by Larimore, Walter L. The Saturday night Supper Club : by Laureano, Carla, Iscariot : by Lee, Tosca Moon. A Knight to remember / by Lehman, Yvonne. Longings of the heart / by Leon, Bonnie. Joy takes flight : by Leon, Bonnie. Wings of promise : by Leon, Bonnie. Touching the clouds : by Leon, Bonnie. The missing / by Lewis, Beverly, The prodigal / by Lewis, Beverly, The Englisher / by Lewis, Beverly, The thorn / by Lewis, Beverly, The fiddler / by Lewis, Beverly, The bridesmaid / by Lewis, Beverly, October song / by Lewis, Beverly, The telling / by Lewis, Beverly, The covenant / by Lewis, Beverly, The mercy / by Lewis, Beverly, The brethren / by Lewis, Beverly, The reckoning / by Lewis, Beverly, The postcard / by Lewis, Beverly, The judgment / by Lewis, Beverly, The love letters / by Lewis, Beverly, The guardian / by Lewis, Beverly, Amish country crossroads : by Lewis, Beverly, The last bride / by Lewis, Beverly, The secret / by Lewis, Beverly, The river / by Lewis, Beverly, The road home / by Lewis, Beverly, The betrayal / by Lewis, Beverly. The revelation / by Lewis, Beverly. The preacher's daughter / by Lewis, Beverly. The crossroad / by Lewis, Beverly. The horse and his boy / by Lewis, C. S. The voyage of the Dawn Treader / by Lewis, C. S. The silver chair / by Lewis, C. S. The last battle / by Lewis, C. S. The last battle / by Lewis, C. S. Courting Emily / by Lillard, Amy, Marrying Jonah / by Lillard, Amy, The quilting circle / by Lillard, Amy, Just plain Sadie / by Lillard, Amy, Kappy King and the pickle kaper / by Lillard, Amy, A home for Hannah / by Lillard, Amy, Kappy King and the puppy kaper / by Lillard, Amy, Ascension of larks / by Linden, Rachel, The summer the wind whispered my name : by Locke, Don. Janette Oke : by Logan, Laurel Oke. An Amish man of Ice Mountain / by Long, Kelly, An Amish courtship on Ice Mountain / by Long, Kelly, Love finds you in North Pole, Alaska / by Lough, Loree. Love finds you in Paradise, Pennsylvania / by Lough, Loree. A respectable actress by Love, Dorothy, The curate of Glaston : by MacDonald, George, Wild thing / by Mackall, Dandi Daley. Eager star / by Mackall, Dandi Daley. Unhappy Appy / by Mackall, Dandi Daley. Midnight mystery / by Mackall, Dandi Daley. Bold beauty / by Mackall, Dandi Daley. Any dream will do : by Macomber, Debbie, A turn in the road / by Macomber, Debbie. Paige rewritten : by Mangum, Erynn, Frame 232 by Mara, Wil. Unwritten by Martin, Charles, Thunder and rain / by Martin, Charles, The secret to hummingbird cake by McHale, Celeste Fletcher, The sweet smell of magnolias and memories / by McHale, Celeste Fletcher, A window to the world / by Meissner, Susan, The penny : by Meyer, Joyce, Plain killing / by Miller, Emma, Miriam's heart by Miller, Emma. A hidden truth / by Miller, Judith, An uncertain dream / by Miller, Judith, Morning sky / by Miller, Judith, Daylight comes / by Miller, Judith, First dawn / by Miller, Judith. Whispers along the rails / by Miller, Judith. In the company of secrets / by Miller, Judith. Fearless hope : by Miller, Serena, The one good thing : by Milne, Kevin Alan. The final note : by Milne, Kevin Alan. Cage of stars / by Mitchard, Jacquelyn. A constant heart / by Mitchell, Siri L., Chateau of echoes / by Mitchell, Siri L., Kissing Adrien / by Mitchell, Siri L., A heart divided / by Morgan, Kathleen, Deep in the heart : by Morris, Gilbert. The yellow rose : by Morris, Gilbert. The eyes of Texas : by Morris, Gilbert. Masquerade / by Moser, Nancy. Time lottery / by Moser, Nancy. I want my mummy / by Myers, Bill, The veil : by Noble, Diane, The matchmakers / by Oke, Janette, When calls the heart / by Oke, Janette, A quiet strength / by Oke, Janette, The tender years by Oke, Janette, A gown of Spanish lace / by Oke, Janette, The bluebird and the sparrow / by Oke, Janette, Too long a stranger / by Oke, Janette, Julia's last hope / by Oke, Janette, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe / by Oram, Hiawyn. Fatal harvest / by Palmer, Catherine. Merciless / by Parrish, Robin. Mr. Darcy broke my heart / by Pattillo, Beth. Jane Austen ruined my life / by Pattillo, Beth. The Dashwood sisters tell all : by Pattillo, Beth. Ties that bind / by Pella, Judith. A promise for tomorrow / by Pella, Judith. Texas angel / by Pella, Judith. Separate roads / by Pella, Judith. Monster / by Peretti, Frank E. The door in the dragon's throat / by Peretti, Frank E. Prophet / by Peretti, Frank E. Tilly : by Peretti, Frank E. Love's healing touch / by Perrine, Jane Myers. The welcome committee of Butternut Creek : by Perrine, Jane Myers. The matchmakers of Butternut Creek : by Perrine, Jane Myers. At home in Pleasant Valley / by Perry, Marta The rebel / by Perry, Marta The rescued / by Perry, Marta The forgiven / by Perry, Marta Steadfast heart / by Peterson, Tracie Refining fire / by Peterson, Tracie Twilight's serenade / by Peterson, Tracie, A love to last forever / by Peterson, Tracie. A love woven true / by Peterson, Tracie. The icecutter's daughter / by Peterson, Tracie. A lady of high regard by Peterson, Tracie. Dawn's prelude / by Peterson, Tracie. A dream to call my own / by Peterson, Tracie. A surrendered heart / by Peterson, Tracie. Hearts aglow / by Peterson, Tracie. A lady of hidden intent by Peterson, Tracie. Morning's refrain / by Peterson, Tracie. The quarryman's bride / by Peterson, Tracie. Stranded / by Pettrey, Dani Shattered / by Pettrey, Dani. Silenced / by Pettrey, Dani. Submerged / by Pettrey, Dani. The engagement plot by Phillips, Krista, The Stonewycke trilogy / by Phillips, Michael R., Daughter of Grace / by Phillips, Michael R., My father's world / by Phillips, Michael R., Heather song : by Phillips, Michael R., A day to pick your own cotton / by Phillips, Michael R., Ella : by Price, Sarah, Remember to forget : by Raney, Deborah. The face of the earth : by Raney, Deborah. The revelations of Jude Connor / by Reardon, Robin. The Brontë plot / by Reay, Katherine, The Austen escape by Reay, Katherine, Nurse of the Crossroads by Reece, Colleen L. Tapestry of Tamar by Reece, Colleen L. Captives of the canyon by Reece, Colleen L. A dream of miracles : by Reid, Ruth, Her mother's hope / by Rivers, Francine, A voice in the wind / by Rivers, Francine, Her daughter's dream / by Rivers, Francine, Leota's garden / by Rivers, Francine, A lineage of grace : by Rivers, Francine, And the shofar blew / by Rivers, Francine, Redeeming love : by Rivers, Francine, As sure as the dawn / by Rivers, Francine, The atonement child / by Rivers, Francine, Sons of encouragement / by Rivers, Francine, As sure as the dawn by Rivers, Francine, Unshaken / by Rivers, Francine, e-mail: Jesus@anytime / by Robinson, Hilary, Lila / by Robinson, Marilynne. Home / by Robinson, Marilynne. The blood Gospel / by Rollins, James, The copper scroll / by Rosenberg, Joel C., The first hostage : by Rosenberg, Joel C., The Ezekiel option / by Rosenberg, Joel C., The last days : by Rosenberg, Joel C., The twelfth Imam / by Rosenberg, Joel C., The Tehran initiative / by Rosenberg, Joel C., Damascus countdown / by Rosenberg, Joel C., The third target / by Rosenberg, Joel C., Without warning / by Rosenberg, Joel C., Under a summer sky / by Rossiter, Nan Parson, New girl in town / by Rue, Nancy N. Terminal 9 / by Rushford, Patricia H. Waiting for Summer's return : by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Where the heart leads / by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Where willows grow : by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Sommerfeld trilogy / by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. In every heartbeat / by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Fields of grace / by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Courting Miss Amsel by Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Sing for me : by Schreck, Karen Halvorsen, Love finds you in Hershey, Pennsylvania / by Sechrist, Cerella D. The ride of her life : by Seilstad, Lorna. Making waves : by Seilstad, Lorna. A great catch : by Seilstad, Lorna. The hidden life / by Senft, Adina. The wounded heart : by Senft, Adina. The tempted soul / by Senft, Adina. Hello God / by Simons, Moya, The promise / by Simpson, Susan Lantz, Dying declaration : by Singer, Randy Restoring love by Slattery, Jennifer, Fatal mistakeT00619869 by Sleeman, Susan, Texas heat / by Smith, Debra White. Possibilities by Smith, Debra White. Rebekah : by Smith, Jill Eileen, Streams of mercy by Snelling, Lauraine, One perfect day : by Snelling, Lauraine. On hummingbird wings : by Snelling, Lauraine. Reunion : by Snelling, Lauraine. Wake the dawn : by Snelling, Lauraine. Dakota December by Snelling, Lauraine. The healing quilt / by Snelling, Lauraine. Someday home by Snelling, Lauraine. Lying on Sunday : by Souza, Sharon K. Every good and perfect gift : by Souza, Sharon K. Sarah's choice : by St. James, Rebecca. Down by the river : by Stepp, Lin. Sweet dreams : by Stewart, Carla. Stardust / by Stewart, Carla. Hidden blessings / by Tate, Kimberly Cash. Travelers rest : by Tatlock, Ann, Sweet mercy / by Tatlock, Ann. I'll watch the moon / by Tatlock, Ann. Detective Zack : by Thomas, Jerry D., The kashmir shawl / by Thomas, Rosie. A chorus of one by Thompson, Janice A. Across the blue by Turansky, Carrie, The Governess of Highland Hall by Turansky, Carrie. Winter birds / by Turner, Jamie Langston. Some wildflower in my heart / by Turner, Jamie Langston. The mark of salvation / by Umberger, Carol. The price of freedom / by Umberger, Carol. The promise of peace / by Umberger, Carol. Circle of honor : by Umberger, Carol. My heart belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas : by Vetsch, Erica, Wish you were here : by Vogt, Beth K. Catch a falling star : by Vogt, Beth K. Somebody like you / by Vogt, Beth K. Crazy little thing called love / by Vogt, Beth K. Change of heart by Walsh, Courtney, The dance : by Walsh, Dan, The promise : by Walsh, Dan, The desire : by Walsh, Dan, The legacy : by Walsh, Dan, The wonder of you by Warren, Susan May, Troubled waters by Warren, Susan May, A time to stand / by Whitlow, Robert, Moonlight on the millpond / by Wick, Lori. The visitor / by Wick, Lori. Just above a whisper / by Wick, Lori. Leave a candle burning / by Wick, Lori. White chocolate moments / by Wick, Lori. The pursuit / by Wick, Lori. Plain perfect : by Wiseman, Beth, Plain pursuit : by Wiseman, Beth, Plain promise : by Wiseman, Beth, Cross roads / by Young, William P. Cross roads by Young, William P.