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Autobiographies (Genre/Form Term)

Preferred form: Autobiographies
Used for/see from:
  • Confessions (Autobiographies)
  • Egodocuments
  • Memoirs
  • Personal memoirs
See also:

Reitz, J.M. ODLIS : online dictionary for library and information science, July 25, 2014 (autobiography: An account of a person's life written by its subject, usually in the form of a continuous narrative of events considered by the author to be the most important or interesting, selected from those he or she is willing to reveal. Contemporary autobiographies of famous people are often written with the assistance of a ghost writer. An autobiography differs from a diary or journal in being written for others rather than for purely private reasons. See also: confessions; confessions: An autobiography in which the author discloses personal feelings and private matters, usually with a spiritual, intellectual, or theoretical purpose; memoirs: A narrative of events or reminiscences based on the author's own observations or personal knowledge of the world in which he (or she) lived, including events witnessed, people known or observed, places visited, etc. The life need not have been historically significant but one that placed the writer in a position to observe firsthand significant events as they unfolded. Unlike a private diary or journal, memoirs are usually written for publication long after the occurrence of the events described and do not necessarily provide a day-to-day account.)

Genre terms : a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloging, via WWW, July 25, 2014 (Autobiographies. BT Biographies. NT Confessions; Memoirs. RT Diaries)

Görlach, M. An alphabetical list of English text types, in Text types and the history of English, c2004: p. 28 (autobiography)

Center for the Study of Egodocuments and History WWW site, Dec. 29, 2014: (The word 'egodocument' refers to autobiographical writing, such as memoirs, diaries, letters and travel accounts.)

LCSH, Dec. 29, 2014: (Autobiography: UF Egodocuments; UF Memoirs)

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