Samuel, Frances,

Sleeping on horseback / Frances Samuel. - 79 pages ; 21 cm


Sleeping on horseback -- How to draw spires -- On drawing towers -- Light and shade -- In the very earliest time (a painting) -- Traveller's luck -- Passing through -- Autumn flies in formation -- Ice on cobblestones -- Walking across the park -- Midsummer festival, Latvia -- Customary -- Leo Tolstoy talks imperialism -- City of red -- Balagan -- Qualifying for the ark -- Living with the ancestors -- Firework festival -- Pink fish -- Magic lamp -- Marvin's accordion -- Vending machine -- The hundred-year picnic -- I see the hungry caterpillar -- Guldrik hopes for a goddess to share his burden -- Zookeeper -- Duckshooting -- The forest of things -- Stones -- I don't have a door -- The Crystal Lake (a ballet) -- Frozen shadow -- Routine magic -- Antoinette -- A memoir -- Moon walking -- Singing under a clear umbrella -- Anorexia -- Five childhood sweethearts from Sunday School -- The phone exchange -- Banana -- Broken mirror -- To the grey morning -- Perseverance -- The gardener -- I worry about the sheep -- Learning to talk -- Open window -- Just twinkling in the moonlight -- The wind -- Golden goose.

In her first collection, Frances Samuel leads us into the lives of characters we have not met before in New Zealand poetry. A man with a snorkel trawls fountains for coins; a vending machine produces a sailboat; a zookeeper frees all of his animals; we look for our double so that we can join the ark before it sails. Each step forward clears a path of snow, and contemplates the question ‘How do we get there?’ These journeys, surreal as well as everyday, are mapped with an exuberant imagination and intelligence.

9780864739728 : $25.00

New Zealand poetry--21st century.