Catran, Ken.

Voyage with Jason - Port Melbourne, Vic. : Lothian, 2000. - 208 pages : 20 cm.

Novel for young adults by a New Zealander ; A young apprentice ship's carpenter reveals a plot to sink the ship that Jason and the Argonauts will sail on to capture the golden fleece. His reward is to become ships' boy on the epic voyage, and eyewitness to the crew's many adventures during the legendary quest. Suggested level: secondary


Jason (Greek mythology)--Juvenile fiction.
Argonauts (Greek mythology)--Juvenile fiction.
Jason (Greek mythology)--Fiction.
Argonauts (Greek mythology)--Fiction.
Voyages and travels--Fiction.
Mythology, Greek--Fiction.
Voyages, Imaginary--Fiction.
Young adult fiction, New Zealand.
Mythology, Greek--Teenage fiction.
Heroes--Teenage fiction.
Voyages and travels--Teenage fiction.

Action and adventure fiction.
Young adult fiction, New Zealand.
Teenage historical fiction.
Teen fiction.

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